Waste Disposal

QUESTION: What is allowed to throw into the vacuum waste system in the courtyard?

ANSWER: The vacuum waste system may only be used for garbage that is described on the poster next to the respective door at the vacuum waste system?

QUESTION: Where can I get ride of garbage which is not allowed to be thrown into the vacuum waste system?

ANSWER: It must be removed by you to a recycling centre.

NOTE! Incorrect garbage, such as large boxes etc., can block the vacuum waste system causing significant additional costs for the Condominium.

QUESTION: Where can I find a recycling centre?

ANSWER: The nearest recycling centre is at Miraallén in Sannegårdshamnen. Discarded lamps / fluorescent lamps and batteries can be left at ICA Kvantum and hazardous goods at Statoil"s recycling centre next to Eriksbergs Shopping Centre.

A presentation of recycling stations is available at Göteborg"s website via this link:
Here you leave your waste

QUESTION: My brown compost bags are finished. Where can I get new ones?

ANSWER: The condominium board has decided that the association no longer provides compost bags.

QUESTION: What will I do if there is a stop in the vacuum waste system so I can’t throw my garbage?

ANSWER: A service request shall be made to Envac Service, 031-19 84 51.

NOTE! It is absolutely forbidden to leave garbage on the ground if there are errors in the vacuum waste system, instead take your garbage back home again and wait until the vacuum waste system is working again.