Error reporting

11/4/2023 12:24:52 PM

As far as fault reporting is concerned, all reports (does not apply to charging posts in the garage) must be made to the board by email who will handle it further. No notification may be made directly to SBC.
Only in very ACUTE cases can you call SBC or Låsinvest.
NOTE! Keep in mind that if the fault concerns what you are responsible for maintaining and repairing in your apartment according to the regulations, then you must contact a craftsman yourself and pay to remedy the fault.
/The board

Compost bags in the bicycle room

10/11/2023 3:50:16 PM

For those who needs compost bags, they can now be picked up in the bicycle room of the respective entrance. Please let the board know if they are running low so we have time to refill.
/The board

Important information from the board

10/5/2023 8:22:37 PM

Due to increased costs for the association, mainly related to increased interest costs on our loans but also other cost increases, the board has decided to raise the fee by 15%. The board has also decided to raise the fee for the guest room to SEK 250/day and introduce a cost of SEK 50/booked opportunity for the relaxation. Further fee increases may take place depending on the development of inflation etc.

All fee increases will apply from 1 January 2024.

/The board

New lock for the main fuses

6/6/2023 6:36:41 PM

To change the main fuses for the apartment, everyone can now open the chrome padlock to the grid cage with their apartment key. The main fuses in the 57 are inside the bicycle room, while the 59 has its main fuses in the basement room to the right of the stairs or lift. Instructions on how to find your main fuses can be found on the note in the grid cage.