Water leakage in the 59th basement storage nr 2

5/23/2020 5:32:16 PM

After today's storms of rain and hail, we have had water leakage in the 59th storehouse No. 2. After a quick inspection, we were able to find that stores belonging to the following apartments were affected (more or less): 181, 182, 152, 133, 142, 143, 161, 171, 172.

The leakage has been reported to SBC by the board.

The board in brf Navet 3

5/19/2020 8:06:27 PM

We have now had the statutory meeting where we agree on what roles we should have on the board.
Chairman: Bo Nilsson, also takes the role of Property and Information resp.
Vice Chairman: Haris Balic, also takes the role of Key resp + Support to Property Resp.
Secretary: Martin Wilhelmsson, also takes the role of Document resp.+ support to cleaning resp.
Cashier: Julius Fleten, also takes the role of Fire Protection resp+ Cleaning resp
Economy: Martin Bäck, also takes the role of IT resp+ support to Documentation resp.
Malin Hane, Support to Informat...
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No bicycles in our elevators

5/13/2020 1:22:30 PM

It is not allowed to take in or take out bicycles via the elevator, as it gets dirty in the elevator and in the entrance.
The cleaners complain that it is difficult to remove the wheel tracks.
The right way is to take the bike in via the garage entrance and into our bicycle storage room.
The doors are self-opening by your tags which you have to your apartments
Please follow this.
The board

Building stage 1A and 2A Karlastaden 2020-05-08

5/11/2020 5:30:59 PM

Stage 1 A Karlatornet
No further information.
Stage 2 A Capella
The next step in the phase which is concrete piling will start week 23 ie. June 1 and last until week 39, a total of 17 weeks. The work will be conducted daytime at. 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday. Work is underway jointly with contractors and consultants to take noise-reducing measures before the next production start, so that noisy work should stay below the guideline values. The concrete piling will continue throughout the summer, this is to quickly complete the foundation work.
Sincerely, Åsa Danielsson SERN...
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