The door issues for 57 is now fixed

6/6/2021 2:37:09 PM

The door for 57 should now be fixed and the door lock mechanism has been serviced. Let's hope it will perform well after having received some care from our service technicians!

Have a nice weekend and national day!
The Board

The door issues for 57 now reported to SBC

5/30/2021 7:29:34 PM

The issues with the door to 57 is now reported to SBC.

Garage Door Stuck Open

5/29/2021 9:16:09 PM

The garage door is unfortunately currently stuck in a fully open position. A technician has been working with the garage door repari during Saturday evening and estimates that the door can be fixed at the earliest on Monday, since the required spare parts are unfortunately not available during the weekend.

Link to virtually connect to the annual meeting

5/4/2021 5:15:06 PM

If you have previously replied that you will be joining the virtual annual meeting and still have not received any link to connect at the latest on wednesday evening, please just let us know using and we will make sure you will receive the link to connect!

Have a nice week!