Reminder of fee increases

12/4/2023 3:25:47 PM

Here is a reminder that from January onwards, the fee will include the new fee. The fee is increased by 15% and the guest room is increased to SEK 250/day. In addition, the relaxer will receive a fee of SEK 50/booking.
/The board

UH-plan and Budget ready for 2024

11/20/2023 1:20:30 PM

We have now updated the association's maintenance plan (UH plan) for the coming year. If anyone is interested in taking part in the UH plan, contact the board and we can send it over by email.
We have also set a budget for 2024. If no major unforeseen costs occur, the fee increase that we have announced from January 1 should be enough.
/The board

Error reporting

11/4/2023 12:24:52 PM

As far as error reporting is concerned, all reports must be made to the board at email, who will handle it further. No notification may be made directly to SBC.
Only in very ACUTE cases can you call SBC or Låsinvest.
NOTE! Keep in mind that if the fault concerns something that you are responsible for maintaining and repairing in your apartment according to the regulations, you must contact a craftsman yourself and pay to remedy the fault.
/The board

Compost bags in the bicycle room

10/11/2023 3:50:16 PM

For those who needs compost bags, they can now be picked up in the bicycle room of the respective entrance. Please let the board know if they are running low so we have time to refill.
/The board