2/3/2020 7:37:59 PM

Hello all new members!
We on the Board would like to greet all of you who have moved in during 2019 and also this year when we have already received new members to Navet3.
So We wish you all Welcome:
Jennie and Alexander, Inna and Joakim, Nasrin, Kristin and Andreas, Jiancheng, Martin and Annie, Joel and Claudia, Sandra and Kim, and Marko!
Read on our website about what applies to us and feel free to sign up to the facebook group "Residential Law Association Navet3".
The Board

Activities in our community

2/2/2020 2:20:41 PM

The board of the community is currently investigating the need for charging places at each association.
There will probably be a decision on a proposal at the next board meeting to coordinate installation, which will probably happen during the year. More information to follow. We address this at our next BRF board meeting, when we decide on our scope and discuss how we will manage costs.
The community is also investigating the fence of the yard, which will be presented as an investment proposal at our annual general meeting.
The yard will be renovated, probably in the spring...
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Container today, Sunday

1/26/2020 7:13:12 AM

Apologies that there has been some misunderstanding about the container. But today Sunday it is available from 13-15. We will get a key from Mats Jonsson from Navet 2. I

Container on Friday

1/20/2020 7:43:11 PM

It is time for Navet 2 to offer us to throw away garbage that is going to be recycled and it concerns rough materials such as refrigerators, ovens, cabinets, tables, chairs, beds, bikes, clothes in sealed bags and so on. No everyday garbage or paper recycling should be thrown in the container.
Now on Friday, January 24, the container will be placed at a parking lot just outside and it will be here all weekend.

There will be code locks on the doors and the code will be announced here later this week.
Board of Directors