Problem reporting

QUESTION: If I have a problem in my apartment. To whom do I report it?

ANSWER: If your problem is covered by warranty then you either contact Hökerum Bygg, on phone 070-315 03 20 or in some cases directly to their subcontractors. If the problem is not covered by warranty you have to contact a supplier at your own expense.
Should the problem involve damage for the Condominium or any other members, such as water leaks etc., you have to service request immediately (see below)
If the problem concerns the Condominium’s common parts, such as elevator, doors, etc., you can make a fault report on the Condominium web site ( or SBC Customer Service.

For service request daytime you should contact SBC Customer Service, phone 0771-722 722 or email, weekdays from 7 am to 9 pm.

Other hours on weekdays and weekends you should contact Låsinvest phone 031-80 24 24.
Please note that if the problem terms that you are responsible to maintain and repair your apartment according to the statutes, so then you have to pay the cost of call-out.