Respect to neighbors

QUESTION: Are there any time limits when I can have e.g. a party, drill or other unnecessary disturbing noise?

ANSWER: Remember to show your neighbors into consideration. View additional consideration of:
Weekdays (except the nights from Sunday evening to Friday morning) at. 22:00 to 8:00 a.m.
Weekends (for the nights from Friday evening to Sunday morning) at. 23:00 to 09:00
Do not leave the TV, radio / music system too high, think of call volume and energetic games with children / pets.
Also avoid using the washing machine, dryer and vacuum cleaner during this time.
Do you need to drill or nail in the apartment, you do so between the hours of 10:00 to 20:00. This applies both weekdays and weekends.

QUESTION: I am planning to have party in my apartment. Is there anything special I need to think of?

ANSWER: When you have a party in your apartment, it would be nice if you inform your neighbours in advance and also think about reducing the volume late in the evening. Put up a note in the entrance telling that you are going to have a party. Keep in mind you also have responsibility for how your guests behave

Starecase and basement:

Smoking is not allowed in the common areas or at our entrances. There are bins with ashtrays that you can dwell on.
It is not allowed to put the garbage, bicycles, strollers, door mats or other objects on the floor in the stairwell.
In the event of fire must be free all the stairs for evacuation and rescue personnel.
Our bicycles are for storage of bikes.
It is not allowed to put objects in the storage aisles as they also need to be free in case of fire.


It is only allowed to park in designated parking spaces in the garage and only one vehicle per site.
Garage points may not be used for storage / storage for example, fluids and tire safety reasons.
Bicycles parked in the bicycle storage room.
If you use the workbench available at the vacuum system, then restore it to the condition that you would like to get to.

Relax/overnight room:

The relaxation area may not be used outside of bookable times.
Show consideration for neighbors who live around relaxation and overnight rooms.

The booking relaxation and / or overnight accommodation are responsible for their guests and the cleaning of these surfaces will be performed.
Cleaning equipment is available in the closet inside the relaxation room.
Smoke alarms may not be disengaged. Should smoke alarm triggered due steam so ventilate by opening windows.

Outdoor environment:

Throw your garbage in the bins in the yard and around the house or in the vacuum system.
Follow the instructions in the vacuum system allowed for waste, cardboard can unfold inside the pipes and cause it to become blocked. These stops will cost the association big money to fix.
It is not allowed to use the playground to exercise is by pets.

Balconys and terrasses:

Think of your neighbors and show extra consideration during the same hours as inside the apartment.
For security reasons it is not allowed to use propane heaters, coal or gas barbecue or to shoot fireworks from the balcony / patio. However, it is good to use electric grill and infrared.
It is also not allowed to feed birds from the balcony.
The balcony / patio is not a storage room for debris and objects that are not normally balcony furniture (eg cardboard boxes).
Avoid shaking and whipping rugs over the railing of the balcony where there is a risk that this reaches your neighbors. Hang Nor laundry or linen over the railing.
Remember that watering and cleaning must be done with respect to your dirty water does not run down to your neighbor.
Regarding smoking, remember that smoke can be sucked in to your neighbors.
Do you want to glaze your balcony - always contact the Board.
Satellite dishes and antennas, and the like may only be installed on the inside of the balcony and in a way that does not disrupt the appearance of the facade.
Window boxes can be mounted on the inside of the railing, so they are not likely to fall off and damage the property and / or person.
It is not allowed to paint on, or make other renovations. Major changes must always have the approval of the board, contact them if you are unsure.
Do you want to mount the transparent protective works as vertical blinds, roller blinds, tyggardiner and the like, provided that they are in white color. Awnings are not allowed.
Damage to the facade that it caused have to fix and pay for itself.


Followed the instructions for waste management which are posted at the vacuum system.
Pack your trash well.
Cartons / styrofoam / glass bottles, etc. thrown into the nearest recycling center.
One should not leave garbage on the ground if there is a fault in the vacuum system.
The litter bins in the yard and around the buildings are not designed for household waste or recycling material, but this should be disposed of in the waste suction / recycling center.
Recycling Station is at Mira avenue (Zetup) in Sannegårdshamnen and at the Sibylla / Kvantum on Polstjärnegatan.
Discarded bulbs / lamps / småel and batteries can be left on Kvantum.
Hazardous goods can be left on Statoil's environmental station at Erik's shopping center.

Incident management:

Report faults and / or damage to the board via e-mail or form on the website.


At disturbances please contact primarily the one who interferes, you can also notify the Board.
Contact information for the board are on the bulletin board in the respective rise.
Facebook is not the right channel to report or faults.
Brf hub 3

NOTE! Remember not to litter in the stairwells and public areas!
It is absolutely forbidden to throw cigarette butts in the courtyard!