Subletting of the apartment

Question: I would like to sublet my apartment and wondering what applies for that?

Answer: We follow the guidelines Rent Tribunal has for sublease. You nedd to have some kind of legitimate reason for subletting such work elsewhere, tryout living with someone as partners, education or similar. A subletting shall always be approved by the Board.

Question: How long can I sublet?

Answer: From the beginning to Board can approved subletting up to one year with a possible extension of one year if there is reason for new application.

Question: Am I allowed to sublet to anybody?

Answer: Basically you can sublet to whom ever you want but it should be noted that, from a legal sense, you as tenant-owner is legally responsible for ensuring that the person you rent out to follows tha associactions rules. It's you who are responsible that the mounthly fee is paid on time to the association .

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