QUESTION: Does the Condominium have a Relax?

ANSWER: Yes, the Condominium has a Relax consisting of relax room, sauna and shower.

QUESTION: Where is the Relax situated?

ANSWER: You find the Relax at the ground floor directly to the right of entrance No.57.

QUESTION: Who are entitled to book the Relax?

ANSWER: Only resident members of the Condominium have the right to use the Relax for their own purpose.

QUESTION: How can I make a reservation of the Relax?

ANSWER: Booking is made in the Condominium new booking system. Booking can be made for up to 3 hours but not longer than until 10 pm. Only two bookings at a time can be booked. A new booking can be made when one of the former reservations has passed. Bookings can be made up to 3 months in advance.

QUESTION: What does it cost to rent the Relax?

ANSWER: The Relax doesn’t cost anything to rent for the moment.

QUESTION: How do I get the keys?

ANSWER: No key are needed, just use the "tag" that you have got. When the booked time occurs the tag will work to open the door to the Relax.

QUESTION: Who takes care of the cleaning in the Relax?

ANSWER: The booking member is responsible for that the Relax has been cleaned before leaving. In the cleaning cabinet in the Relax you find cleaning articles.
NOTE! Smoking and Pets are not allowed in the Relax. Think about people who are allergic.