QUESTION: Is there a storage room for my bicycle?

ANSWER: In the basement at each entrance there is a special room for bicycles.

QUESTION: What am I entitled to store in the bicycle room?

ANSWER: In the bicycle room you are only entitled to store bicycles belonging to members of the Condominium. It is forbidden to store anything else such as scooters, strollers, tires etc.

NOTE! For fire safety reasons, it is absolutely prohibited to store anything else except for bicycles in the bicycle room e.g. scooter, strollers, tires etc.

QUESTION: The bicycle room in the basement at No.57 it is very crowded so it’s difficult to make room for my bike. What can I do if I can not fit in my bicycle?

ANSWER: In the bicycle room at No. 59, there is a much larger room for bicycles, which also can be used by those who live in No. 57. All apartment keys fit the door.