QUESTION: Who is responsible for our courtyard?

ANSWER: Since the courtyard is a Joint Property, as described above, it is the board of the Joint Property that has the responsibility and makes all decisions.

QUESTION: If I have some suggestions regarding things to be changed or improved in the courtyard how can I submit my suggestions?

ANSWER: You can always contact our Condominium Board to decide whether our representative in the Joint Property board shall present your suggestion to the Joint Property board. For acceptance in the Joint Property board regarding a suggestion, there must be a consensus in the Joint Property board.

QUESTION: Is it permitted to have a barbecue in the courtyard?

ANSWER: Right now, there is no prohibition against this but keep in mind the risk of fire and smoke from a barbecue that could be very "disturbing". It is also important not to leave a hot barbecue unattended in the yard, especially when there are playing children that can burn themselves. Therefore always remember to extinguish and remove the barbecue as soon as you leave the courtyard.

QUESTION: Am I allowed to drive my car in the courtyard?

ANSWER: Of course you are allowed to drive in the car in the courtyard, but only if you need to transport heavy items primarily when you are moving in or out from your apartment, however that the courtyard is no parking place.
Rule about this and other things, which apply to the courtyard, are to be determined in the Joint Property board.

QUESTION: [/ b] How can I get the pass code to the bollards that block the roads leading to the courtyard.

A: [/ b] The code for the padlock is 4050.