Brf Navet 3 is a condominium that is located at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. The condominium consists of 62 apartments and commercial premises located in a newly built neighborhood. Most of the members moved in during the first quarter of 2012.

In the neighborhood there are also two other condominiums and rental apartments. Together with our neighbors, we manage the common yard and garage via a joint property. In the single garage Brf Navet 3 has over 33 parking spaces leased to the condominium's members.

In June 2012 the condominium held its first annual general meeting where such a new board was elected. The Board consists of five members and four alternates. All members and alternates are elected for one year.

The association's financial and technical management is handled by the Sveriges Bostadsr├ĄttsCentrum (SBC). The company that manages cleaning of the common areas of the association is Ada Servicepartner.

In the condominium's entrance no.57 there are one rooms for rent, which, for a small fee, can be utilized by visiting the members of the association. In the same entrance, there is also a relaxation area with sauna, available to the members of the condominium, for a small fee.

The association's loans are tied to favorable interest rates with margin below the economic plan and no major investment needs exist in the next few years. Association amortise on the loan and put the funds to meet future renovations. The association's finances are therefore considered to be good.