Guest room

QUESTION: Do the Condominium have a Guest room for renting?

ANSWER: Yes the Condominium has a guest room with a shared toilet and shower. In the room there is a bunk bed and a single bed with duvet and pillow for each bed
Sheets, towels, etc. are not included and must be brought.

QUESTION: Who is entitled to rent a Guestroom?

ANSWER: Only residents living in the Condominium have the rights to book. The rental can only be made to the resident members visiting guest/guests.

NOTE! The guest room are not a Hotel, they are only intended to be used for short-term rental by visitors to members of the Condominium.

QUESTION: Where is the Guest room situated?

ANSWER: The Guest room is situated at the ground floor directly to the right of entrance no.57.

QUESTION: How can I make a booking of a Guest room?

ANSWER: Booking is made in the Condominiums new booking system available on the monitor on the wall next to the entrance. The guest room are rented from 12.00 am to 12.00 am. Reservation of the Guest room can be made up to a maximum of 4 days. Bookings can be made up to 2 months in advance.

QUESTION: When is the latest that I can cancel my booking to avoid being charged

ANSWER: Cancellations must be done latest the day before the actual booked date to avoide to be charge.

QUESTION: What does it cost to rent a Guest Room and how do I pay?

ANSWER: 150 SEK/night. The fee will also be charged separately afterwards to the member who has booked.

QUESTION: How do I get the keys to the Guest room?

ANSWER: No key are needed, just use the "tag" that you have got. When the booked time occurs the tag will work to open the door of the booked Guest room.

QUESTION: Who takes care of the cleaning of the Guest room?

ANSWER: The booking member is responsible for that room as well as toilet have been cleaned before leaving the Guest room. In the cabinet in the Relax room you can find cleaning articles.

QUESTION: Is there anything else that you should know about or consider when renting a Guest Room?

  • No kind of cooking is allowed.
  • Strollers and other bulky items should not be placed in the hallway where they can interfere in case of fire or accidents. However, if space is available, you can put e.g. a stroller in the hallway outside the guest room.
  • With respect to others smoking and pets are not allowed. Smoking is not permitted in the elevators, indoor and immediately outside entrances or other common areas. Remember that smoke is easily sucked into the ventilation ducts at the entrances and can affect neighbors in their apartments. Think about people who are allergic.