In connection with the Annual Reports completion, the Board will gather all members of the condominium to an annual meeting. Invitation to the meeting will take place no earlier than six weeks and two weeks before. Inviation will be made through appropriations in each staircase, through mailing to members and on the website news. The invitation will clearly state the matters to be considered at the meeting. It's only the reported matters included in the invitation that can be decided upon at the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, all members may submit motions to the board. A motion is a proposal on the topic or subject matter that the member believes need to be discussed or decided at the meeting. The motion should include a background to the proposal, a justification and a proposal for a decision. All motions will be sent out with the invitation and will be available on the website. The meaning of this is so that members should be able to form an opinion on the proposals before the meeting.

A motion must be submitted written to the Board in advance of the invitation of the meeting is sent out. Date when the motion should be submitted to the board will be announced well in time in advance.

Motions submitted by contacting the Board (see contact). Of course you are welcome to submit motions directly in the condominium's mailbox. Mark e-mails and letters with "Motion Meeting year 20XX".